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Do not worry if you can’t sell your car on your own, choose Viper Cash For Cars Newcastle to get top cash for cars instantly. We take care of paperwork and transferring registration. Trade your car for cash today. # scrap cars, car pick up & scrap car removal. Our specialists can help you with metro car removal, cash for unwanted cars, scrap car removal Newcastle & car disposal in NSW.

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New laws banning cash for scrap metal, designed to curb organised crime, came into effect on 30 May. Now Payment Can Be Made Via Electronic Transfer & Cheque Only.
Consumer Affairs NSW

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What happens to your car after it is scrapped?

What happens to your car after it is scrapped?

What happens to your car after it is scrapped? Have you ever wondered what happens to your car after you’ve scrapped it? Or maybe you’re considering scrapping your vehicle but you want to take into account the environmental impact of your decision. The vehicle scrapping industry is huge – almost a million cars are scrapped […]
Should I take my car to a scrap yard or call a car removal company?

Should I take my car to a scrap yard or call a car removal company?

Often people think that when trying to get rid of an old car, there isn’t much of a difference between taking it to a scrap yard and calling a car removal company to pick it up. Because of this, many people bring their car to a junkyard and don’t get to reap the benefits of […]
Should I scrap my car or get it repaired?

Should I scrap my car or get it repaired?

Has your car been acting up lately and isn’t as reliable as it used to be on the road? A common dilemma owners of old cars face is whether to get rid of their car by either scrapping it or selling it, or whether to take it to a mechanic to get it repaired. It’s […]




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New laws banning cash for scrap metal, designed to curb organised crime, came into effect on 30 May. Now Payment Can Be Made Via Electronic Transfer & Cheque Only.
Consumer Affairs NSW

Cash for cars in Newcastle NSW

Choosing a perfect cash for cars company in Newcastle is very crucial for smooth dealing, sell and services. If you have a car decomposing in your garage or just an unwanted auto, don’t waste more time in deciding what to do. Immediately call one of our unwanted car buyer and ask them to quote your vehicle and get paid cash for scrap car. If you are not pro-active, you will lose the money you can get for usable parts. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call right and receive a free quote.

Scrap Car Removal

Give Cash for unwanted cars Newcastle a call on 0402639249 to collect more information about our auto wrecking services and cash for scrap cars Newcastle solutions. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding this service (like where do I sell my car for cash? or how do I sell my old car for cash?) and our staff will be happy to assist you. Schedule an appointment so that we can come to your place and give you an estimated quote for your scrap automobile. We buy unregistered car as well.

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What To Do When You Want To Get Rid Of Your Car

When it comes to owning cars, a lot of people go beyond their transportation needs. They pay large sums for luxuries like CD players and navigational devices, and often struggle to meet monthly car payments. Even when you can afford your car, sometimes life throws you a curveball, and any slump in your finances can mean that selling your car is the most viable option for you. If or when you decide that your “debt on wheels” is costing you more than its worth, then it’s good to know and go through your options.

Before blindly selling your car however, consider a few things to see if there’s still some value in your car.

  • Check when your registration expires. You can try and get back any registration costs if you plan to scrap or sell your car unregistered.
  • Collect all the documentation relating to your car, such as registration history and insurance paperwork. A paper trail will be useful for the continuation of your car’s life should you decide to trade it in or sell it.
  • Have your identification ready to prove its yours. Having a driver’s licence or passport to match up with your registration papers is vital for when you scrap, sell or trade your car in.

With these steps in mind, read through the options available to you.

Sell your car

The most common and usually the best option is to sell your car. You’re likely to get more money selling it yourself than trading it in at a dealership, especially if your car is quite old. If you decide to list your vehicle online, then do research on its value, and look for how much similar cars are selling for. This can be quite a lot of work, and you can risk losing money from listing fees from deals that fall through, so be cautious with these sites.

Instead of selling your car to an individual, consider selling your car to a company that will give you cash for your car. This is going to be the quickest and easiest way to get rid of your car, and there’s no harm in calling or asking for a quote online to see if the company will offer you the price you want.

Car Wrecker

See below some of the most popular car brands bought by Viper car wrecker:

  1. Toyota Car Wrecker
  2. BMW Car Wrecker
  3. Volkswagen Car Wrecker

Trade your car at Viper Cash for Cars

One option is to go back to your dealer and ask about trading in your model for a cheaper one. Many dealers will incentivise you to stay with the same brand, and will offer you a reasonable return policy. The trade-in value can often be negotiated, so you can include the car’s price, taxes and extra costs in the whole purchase package.

Unfortunately, this option is only really viable if your car is still relatively new. The value of a vehicle depreciates very quickly, so even after owning it for just a few months, you may owe more on your car than it’s worth. Ensure you check the current value of your car and how much you still owe before you decide to go with this option. Trading in your used car doesn’t necessarily mean you no longer owe any money on it.

Scrap your car

Some people sell their old cars for scrap metal. This is a good option if you have a very old car that’s almost impossible to repair or cannot be made to be roadworthy. You can call your local salvage yard ahead to see if they’ll actually take your car when you drop it off, or you can call a car removal company who can pick up your car from your residence. Some even offer free online quotes so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of driving your car to a scrap yard. This option can definitely make getting rid of your car a simple, stress-free experience!

Why hire us?

Scrap car for cash is the best way to quickly get rid of your car for cash and sell your car without worries in Newcastle area. Our junk car dealers work with our local junk car removals professionals.

What is your offer for cash for unwanted cars?

Our cash for unwanted cars offer is valid for all cars based in Sydney metro and Newcastle suburbs. Contact cash for cars Newcastle, one of our account manager will give you a quote directly on the phone. Unwanted car Buyer is a known local dealer for buying scrap and junk vehicles. Do you take any car for cash? We normally buy 98% of scrap cars but sometime we cannot due to extra-ordinary reasons.


Unwanted Car Buyers & Cash for Cars

Unwanted Car Buyers is a leading scrap car removal company based in West Newcastle. Do you want to sell your unwanted car? Our car pick up wreckers will pay you cash for your damaged cars in Newcastle & West Newcastle.

Cash for cars shop in Cardiff and Maitland

How much can I get for scrapping a car? How much money can I make out of my scrap car?

Viper will offer you from $200 up to $9,000 to salvage your car around Newcastle. We have a wrecking yards and we make money of scrap cars, actually you don’t have to worry about scrap car pick up, we have all size of trucks on hand.