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Accidental car Removals | Best cash for accidental and damaged cars

Accidental Car Removals | Newcastle Wide

We don’t just tow the accidental car away but also pay you top cash on the spot. You can easily get up to $9,999 for Accidental Car depending on the make – model and condition of the vehicle.

All Car Conditionsl

Whether your car is ready to scrap, has reusable parts or it still has some life left in it, Viper Newcastle Car Wrecker can get you the top prices to buy your old car.

Crash Car for Cash – Fast Payment

Payment will be done same day, Bank transfer or cheque. Top cash for your car across Newcastle.

Free Paper work

Easy sell, our car wrecker specialist get all the paperwork ready when we pickup your old, scrap or unregistered car . Quick and easy transaction.

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    Getting Cash For Accidental Cars

    Are you looking for a car wrecker? Call us today at 0402 639 249. Cash for cars will give you a good amount of money for your old and wrecked car.

    WHY US?

    • Based in Sydney

      Our office is based in Fairfield NSW, in West Sydney. We will come to pickup your car either on the same day or based on our agreement.

    • Qualified Team

      We are professionals and we organise each old car removal in a professional manner.

    • Old Car

      Do not worry if you car is too old, we still going to pickup the car and in most cases pay cash on hand.

    • All Models

      Yes we buy all models and brands of unregistered cars. If you are not sure on the value of the car, just send us a picture for a free quote.

    Accidental Car Removal In Newcastle


    If you want to get rid your scrap car from your backyard, driveway or business place then maybe it is time to get ride of it and why not give us a call. At Viper Auto Wrecker, we are reliable and always on time to pick up your car and pay you the amount quoted. When you call us, we will give you a quote We do all the hard job and ensure the removal, Paperwork and payment has been completed before the team leaves. We accept all makes – model and condition and pay unbeatable price for it. See our car wrecker models: car wrecker Toyota, auto wrecker Volkswagen & car wrecker BMW.

    How to sell damaged cars for Cash?

    Nobody does ever want to get involved an accident, but they normally occur at the most inconvenient times. If you have suffered substantial damage to your car through a road accident, and want to sell your car for cash, this article is all about how you can get cash for damaged cars.

    1. Repair it and Sell it as a Used Car

    This is the first option which comes to the mind of the seller. It’s best to sell our car after getting it to repair so that you can earn a few extra bucks. Minor repairs should always be done early since they do not cost much. Also, if your car has a blown engine, you would require taking it to a mechanic. If you hear a knocking, clacking or tapping sound in your engine, it might be an indication to get it to repair without losing any more time. Not just sound, but if you feel a strange smell coming from the car, it might be because of the damaged engine.

    2. Sell a damaged car without repair

    It’s better to sell separate parts of the bill of repair exceeds your budget and selling cost. Also, if the repairs are complex, you should let the buyers handle the hassle. Usually, buyers of damaged cars for sale know their ways of fixing the vehicle for a much cheaper price, and this means they will not lower the price of the vehicle significantly. Let’s say, if your engine needs to be replaced entirely, you should forget about it and use the money you get by selling your buy a new car because replacing an engine can be very expensive. Similarly, if your car has been involved in an accident, you should not get the frame repair since it can be very expensive to replace.

    3. Sell damaged car at Scrap Yard

    Another thing you can do is sell your car to the scrap yard. You must know beforehand that these places will pay you according to the weight of the scrap metal, and not the actual value of the accessories. You should take out the parts out of the car and leave only the metallic parts if you intend to sell the parts on their own.

    Where can you sell your damaged cars?

    No, that you know how to sell your damaged cars; it’s time to learn about where to put your damaged cars for sale. To get good cash, you will have to find a suitable place to sell your vehicle. Here is a list of some places where you can put your damaged cars for sale:

    1. Car Dealer

    If you are looking forward to a more straightforward place to sell your cars, you can go to a car dealer. Although this is not usually the best place to sell a damaged car, still you can consider it for once. Many car dealers might give you poor rates for your vehicle, but they can allow you to trade in your damaged car for a new one. Make sure you fix everything that can be quickly repaired before you intend to sell your car to a dealer. This will help you to get a better price at the dealership.

    2. Individual Buyer

    If you don’t confine with the idea of selling your car to a dealer, you can choose to sell it to an individual buyer. Again, you cannot expect the best prices for your car since the buyer is further going to sell it to a final buyer or cash for cars companies who buy damaged car for recycling. You can easily find individual buyers on the internet or in your neighbourhood.

    3. Auto Parts Buyer

    Many auto parts buyers in the market would ready to buy damaged car. You can sell the individual parts of your car, or sell the entire vehicle to an auto parts buyer. These auto buyers will take into account the value of the parts in your car.

    4. Junkyard

    If you don’t find any options above options suitable for your Junkyards or scrap yards are interested in the weight of the metal in your vehicle. If you decide to sell your accidental car to a junkyard, you should make an effort to take out all the important auto parts in your car. The junkyard might not give you a better price because of the model of the car or the technology used to manufacture it.

    Summing up

    Selling damaged cars for cash can sometimes become a challenging task. It’s always wise to consult with the best cars for cash company or damaged car removal company in your locality.
    It is always recommended by the experts that you should choose cash for damaged cars company which has:

  • Friendly customer service
  • High price for your damaged cars
  • Eco-friendly process
  • A legal way for damaged car removal
  • Free damaged car pickup service
  • QnA

    Q1- What is a Rebuilt Car Title?

    A rebuilt car title is given to those vehicles that were previously branded a total loss but then repaired back to a passable condition. These vehicles are also known as “reconstructed” and “refurbished” titles.

    Q2- What if a dealer sells you a damaged car?

    It’s illegal for a dealer to sell you a damaged vehicle keeping hidden the car’s condition. They might use illegal practices to hide a vehicle’s checkered past or omit the car’s previous problems when talking it up to a customer.