How To Know When It’s Time To Sell Your Car

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Just about every person who has ever owned a car has asked themselves the question, when should I sell my car? There are many ways to go about answering this question, and many different factors to consider when deciding at what point you should cash for cars, then the age and condition of your car will probably be a decisive factor. Even if your car is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be sold and replaced. Sometimes it’s worth keeping your car if you know that it isn’t due for any major repairs in the near future. However, make sure you keep in mind that every additional kilometre on the odometer brings you closer to a service cost.   Keep in mind that if your car’s make and model aren’t manufactured anymore, the cost of servicing it will increase significantly, as parts will be harder to source and repairs will take a long time. Replacing an old car for a newer one means you’ll probably reap the benefits of a warranty, you’ll save on fuel efficiency, and you’ll pay less for servicing.

When keeping it is costing you more than it’s worth

If you’re constantly feeling weighed down by the costs of repairs and maintenance, you should consider whether keeping your car on the road is costing you more than your car is worth to you. You should first find out how much your car is worth, either by checking online the market value of a car in your condition or by looking at how much similar vehicles are selling for. Doing this bit of research can also help you gauge how much money you could get in different scenarios, so you can see whether you should sell it for parts, sell it to a dealership, or what you could get for a trade-in.

Finding out the cost of keeping it on the road is the next step

Considering any repairs that have to be done immediately and over the next year, as well as major maintenance is a necessity, as these prevent breakdowns. You should also look at your repair bills from the past year. If all these recent and future expenses amount to more than the estimated value of your car, then it probably is time to sell.

When it’s safety features are out of date

Safety is of the utmost concern when driving, as well as for deciding to sell your car. Some cars are clearly not roadworthy, however can be modified to improve their safety features. However, if your car can’t be modified to keep up with the latest safety standards and regulations, then it’s probably time to sell. Safety features such as up-to-date airbags, rearview cameras, better brakes, features to monitor blind spots and collision alerts are all being constantly updated to make being on the road safer. Sometimes the safety of older cars simply cannot compare to their newer counterparts.

When market conditions are in your favour

This factor is often skipped over when deciding whether or not to sell. This really depends on your car. For example, selling a convertible in winter will probably be tough, just as selling a 4WD that uses a lot of petrol would be difficult at a time when petrol prices have skyrocketed. Contact our team and receive cash for scrap cars in Newcastle.

When you don’t feel confident driving it

One of the most important things is to trust your instinct when it comes to cars. If you’re no longer confident that your car will be able to take you from A to B, then it’s probably time to let go. Reliability and convenience is the point of owning a car in the first place, and if your car is constantly breaking down and acting up, then you’re better off without it.

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