Scrap car services- your damaged car can still give you cash.

scrap car for cash at Newcastle wreckers,

Looking out for selling your old car but not below the value it worths? Worry not, we’re Newcastle #1 wreckers. We collect scrap cars for cash. Sounds like a dream? Give us a call we’ll make the deal worth it.

The automobile industry is expanding like a fire in the forest, producing cars at a fleet. We understand if you want to get rid of your old car, buy a new sparkling steel animal. Don’t let your abandoned vehicle rot in the backyard, give us a call we will give you fresh bucks for scrap cars.

We’re a leading scrap car removal company that makes the most reasonable deals, our car picks up wreckers will pay you cash for your damaged cars in Newcastle.

We accept all cars.

We’re different, we don’t discriminate. Known as one of the best services for scrap car for cash, we’ll even tow a broken, damaged, accidental, or a car that can’t even move, so bad that it hurts to even look. We accept all car models that come in for the crispiest of dollars for you in hand. Our service is timeless, give us a call we’ll come by at your desired location anywhere in Newcastle.

Why get rid of your scrap car?

Now we can provide you an endless list for why you should give your scrap car for cash at Newcastle wreckers, but here is the one that tops them all. We give instant cash for the car you thought was a piece of junk.

Not only do you sell your car at a valuable price but for usable items like tires, leather seats, belts, etc we offer extra cash. You might not want to wait much, hurry up! call us and get a quotation right away.

You can Clean up your backyard, turn in into an exquisite outdoor space and leave the junk to Newcastle Wreckers. If you think scrap cars for cash leave you only with cash, congratulations! It also makes you a superhero, cause you to give your contribution towards the lessening of pollution by reducing steel production. Every year the automobile industry makes a fleet of new car models, and we get it if you want a new one too. Worried where the oldie will end up? Newcastle Wreckers will take care of it.

Hassle-free car removal

We’re only one call away! Being the #1 Newcastle Wreckers, we come by to pick up your scrap car for cash at a lightning speed. Its as simple as it sounds- Pick up your phone, tells us about your car, get a quote and we’ll come by within hours to pick up your scrap car and hand you the cash instantly.

That’s right you heard it correct- we take your scrap car with a hand and hand you the cash with another hand. And hang on a sec, the icing on the cake is we provide free paperwork assistance!

We understand if you still have doubts and questions, call us and we’ll solve them for you. But remember to wreck your junk car before it wrecks you.

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