What are car wreckers? And how do they earn money?

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Car wreckers

Are you tired up with your old car? And Want to sell it, but you know no one is going to buy it because of its condition. Car wreckers are there for you.

Car wreckers buy your car as scrap, old BMW car and make it ready for recycling purposes. They separate usable and unusable parts from your car and also remove those parts ( particularly mercury used in switches and other harmful chemicals ), which are necessary to dispose of before recycling the vehicle. Thus they save the environment too. After separating all usable, unusable and dangerous parts, they dismantle the rest of the car ( which is just a combination of steel and iron), and the steel and iron are ready to be used for their new journey.

These car wreckers are also helpful in recycling your car, which is of great utility for the industries and the environment as well.

How Do car wreckers earn?

Earning of car wreckers primarily depends upon the current condition of your car and the total number of parts that are in working condition. For the car owners, a vehicle maybe just a single article, but for the car wreckers, it is a combination of usable and unusable parts. They check whether the components can be sold out as a spare part or not. Those are the primary way of their earning.

The various parts include tires, windshield glass, batteries, steel and iron, rubber hoses, radiators, transmissions, carpets, car seats, belts, oil filters, and mats. Apart from solid parts, there are some fluids that are to be removed necessarily, such as mercury ( which is used in vehicle switches to activate convenience lighting in the trunk or hood of a car ) and sodium azide, which used as a fuel in the airbags. However, these fluids are not for commercial use, but they get removed to avoid any harmful impact.

The various parts which give the car wreckers their earning are:

• Wheels and tires

These are directly available parts for the car wreckers. In most of the cases, wheels are in good condition. They sell it second hand to the ones who are ready to buy it.

• Batteries

If the battery has enough juice available in it, they sell it for a handy amount of money.

• Engine and engine parts

The engine is one of the top few ways of earning. They check the condition of the engine. If it is in working condition, they sell it after a few modifications in it. However, if it is not in working condition, they sell these to the engine manufacturing units.

• Other parts

Other parts include radiators, windshield glass, rubber hoses, seats, wires, carpets, etc.

After separating all these parts, the car is then put under a car crusher to compress the size of the steel and iron contents of the vehicle to make it’s transportation easy. Finally, the steel and iron ( in the form of a solid cube ) are carried to the steel and iron factory for recycling purposes. These factories give the BMW car wreckers the required money depending upon the weight and the quality of steel and iron.

Thus BMW car wreckers earn money through every single part of the car.

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