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If you have an unsightly car, van, SUV, or truck on your property that you want to remove, give us a call! We will remove it and pay you in return! We will even remove heavy moving equipment for you. A car removal and cardiff Wreckers company can be the ideal old car buyer. Car Removal companies offer a solution to get cash for the cars, as well as eco-friendly disposals of the cars. Let Newcastle car wreckers tell you the top three reasons to sell your old car to wreckers in Newcastle. We’re a vehicle disposal and recycling company! We offer scrap car removal services in Newcastle and nearby areas.

The top three reasons to choose a car removal company to sell your old car are:

Cash for Cars

Eco-Friendly Disposals

Free Car Removal Newcastle


You may not expect much for your old car, but when you get a quote from a reputable car wrecker in Newcastle and cardiff you will be surprised at the value of your old car. Cars are made of steel and metals & some semi-precious metals that can be recycled for cash. When a scrap car removal company is your buyer, you can be assured that they will recycle the car and you will pocket cash for the sale of your car to them. Car Wreckers in Newcastle also offer a quick and convenient sale of the car as they come to your location to buy and remove the cars.


Yes, old cars may be anything but friendly to the environment, but that doesn’t mean that they are useless. Old cars are typically not-so-very fuel-efficient, and hard to maintain. They may blow smoke as they drive down the road. Regardless, when you choose a car wrecker in Newcastle to purchase your old car, you are doing something friendly for the environment. Landfills create many hazards to the environment. Car recycling does not. Car Wreckers in Newcastle have the eco-friendly way to dispose of cars.


Car removal companies also provide free towing for old cars. So, whether the car runs or is no longer roadworthy, the company will come to the owner’s location and remove the car at no cost. The removal process is also the selling process as the company will purchase the car at the time of the removal, handing over the agreed-upon cash amount.

We believe that to be the best means of putting our valued customers first. When you sell your car to us, we can guarantee a prompt and reliable service as well as an instant cash payment on the spot. We also provide free car removal all through Newcastle for cars in any condition.

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To get your car sold today, contact Newcastle Car wreckers. We buy old cars to recycle, putting top cash into the hands of car sellers. We are also green car recyclers, so you get the most cash for your old car.

Call us for a quote for your old car & schedule a free removal that pays cash.

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