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Should I take my car to a scrap yard or call a car removal company?

Often people think that when trying to get rid of an old car, there isn’t much of a difference between taking it to a scrap yard and calling a car removal company to pick it up. Because of this, many people bring their car to a junkyard and don’t get to reap the benefits of calling a company who specialise in buying old cars and using their parts. That’s why we want to talk about the differences between the two methods of car removal, so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes for you to let go of your old car. You’ll find that car removal companies are often less of a hassle, and save you money in the long run.

Which option takes less time and effort?

Taking your unwanted vehicle to a scrap yard means you have to go through a few steps before you can bring it over. You have to first remove the oil and fuel from the vehicle, and then flatten the tires. Only after you’ve completed these steps you can tow your vehicle to the nearest scrap yard to be wrecked.

Nowadays there are many car removal companies who will come to your location and remove your vehicle for you, without you having to do anything. All you have to do is call and they’ll come pick up your vehicle at the most appropriate time for you – and you don’t even have to remove the oil or flatten your tires.-

Which is more financially beneficial?

Scrap yards have been around for much longer than car removal companies, and most people tend to go for the former option because they’re used to it and feel more comfortable going for something they already know. This unfortunately means that they often miss out on getting the best deal for their car. Conventional scrap yards will usually pay you a few hundred dollars for your old car or truck. Most people think their old car isn’t worth much so they believe that this is a good deal without any knowledge of the value of the parts of their vehicle. A good car removal company will pay you accordingly for the amount of metal they can recycle from your vehicle. This means you can get more than a few hundred dollars – some cars even fetch up to $1000.

Which option is better for the environment?

It’s important to consider the environmental impact of any decision you make – not just for peace of mind, but also for the health of your community. Letting your old car sit in your backyard is bad for the environment, as old cars emit hazardous fumes and chemicals – such as oils, coolant liquids and chemicals from batteries – to the soil which can affect the health of your plants. Getting rid of your car as soon as possible is thus one of the best ways to combat soil pollution. But which option is better for the planet?

Scrap yards park their vehicles in landfills, which in themselves aren’t environmentally friendly. By letting them sit in lots for long periods of time, scrap yards let your car constantly release toxins into the air and environment. Car removal companies ensure that most of the car is recycled, as soon as possible, so you don’t need to worry about the hazardous chemicals that your car emits. Cars bought by car removal companies aren’t thrown in landfills – so you can be rest assured that this is the best option for the planet.

Contact Viper Cash for Cars to get rid of your unwanted car today

There’s no doubt that making use of a car removal company is much better than taking an old car to a scrap yard for your wallet, your energy, and the planet. Viper Cash for Cars will give you the best price for your unwanted car, and will pick up your car from home at the best time for you. We’ll also ensure that we use and recycle your car in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Contact someone on our team on 0402 639 249 to talk to us and see how much you can get for your old car today.

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Scrap Car Laws – What Rules Do You Need to Follow When Scrapping Your Car?

It’s pointless looking for a great price to scrap your car if the company you’re scrapping it with isn’t following government legislation. Avoid the hassle of legal troubles and know the laws before you scrap your car. Laws in Australia vary from state to state, so it’s important to be aware of the things you should do when scrapping your car. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide on everything you need to know about scrap laws in New South Wales, so that you can scrap your car with a clear conscience.

A few pointers

You can’t drive a car considered ‘scrap’. If you are scrapping your car because it’s been written off, you can’t drive it on the road anymore. This means you need to find a scrap service provider to collect the car from you at a convenient time.

Ensure you have information about your vehicle’s registration. Car scrappers cannot trade vehicles without proof of registration under the law. The reason for this may be obvious – to help combat car theft. You’ll need identification as well to prove vehicle ownership, as you can only scrap a car that you have a right to dispose of.

Don’t leave your scrap car at home. Scrap vehicles can some of the time be hazardous of contain toxic matter. If left sitting for a long time, these can often leak and not only cause environmental damage, but also health problems. Whilst there aren’t laws surrounding leaving scrap vehicles at home, it’s a good rule to follow – it’s not just safer, it’s also best to get rid of something as soon as you know you will no longer be using it. Ensure that your scrap car is picked up by a registered business so that you know down the road your car will be disposed of and recycled safely.

Get proof of destruction. Once your car has been scrapped, ensure you get paperwork from the car scrapper to show that your vehicle has been disposed of and recycled appropriately.

Cancelling your registration

In all states, you must cancel your registration when you scrap your car, because you’re no longer the owner. The rules for cancelling your registration vary across different states.

In New South Wales, to cancel your registration, you need to go in person to a service centre and bring with you:

  • Your proof of identity
  • Your ‘Certificate of Registration’ for the vehicle
  • A completed and signed ‘Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration form’. If it’s registered in joint names then only the signature of the primary registered operator is needed.
  • The number plates if you still have them. It’s illegal to keep your number plates if you’ve cancelled the registration of your vehicle. If you really want them, you can enquire at a service or registry centre and you should be able to put them in reserve by paying annual reserve fees.
  • Payment for cancellation costs

When you cancel your registration, make sure to check if you can get a refund for any part of it that has been unused.

Can you get cash for scrap cars?

New laws banning cash payment for scrap metal were implemented last year in New South Wales (and Victoria) due to growing concerns about organised crime, car theft and the undocumented trade of scrap cars. Ensure that the car scrap provider you choose to scrap your car with doesn’t give cash in exchange for your car, as this may be an indicator for other ways in which that company is evading the law.

Call or message us for a free quote

Our team will dispose of your car safely and legally. We make our payments via electronic transfer and cheque only. We’ll pick up your car from your home on the same day that you contact us so that you don’t have to worry about driving an old and probably unroadworthy car. We operate out of Fairfield, but we service a variety of areas, including the Western suburbs, Eastern suburbs, and the Sydney CBD.

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7 Tips to Consider for Long Road Trips

One of the best uses for a car is for taking long road trips. Whether it’s a weekend away or an extended holiday, road trips are a perfect way to get out of the city and explore your surrounds. When planning for a long drive, it’s best to be prepared, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips for you to consider before setting off on your journey.

1. Map out your trip.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but many people underestimate how important it really is. Mapping out your trip means more than typing in your destination into Google Maps. It means deciding on the best route to get to where you’re going. Some cars are better suited to certain trails. For example, if you have a small, old car, you might want to avoid routes which involve dirt roads. Check the status of the route you’re taking, and consider the stops you want to make along the way. This includes stopping in cities, towns or at landmarks for an extra bit of sightseeing, as well as food stops. You’ll enjoy your road trip a lot more on a full stomach, so plan ahead.

2. Schedule your trip.

Whilst spontaneity is fun, sometimes it’s a good idea to schedule your road trip, especially if you have a limited amount of time and a lot of things you want to do. Think about all the places you want to see and ensure you leave a lot of time to visit them. It’s no fun when you have to rush yourself to do the next thing, so decide realistically how much time you want to spend in each different place. Leaving an ample amount of time will let you be spontaneous once you’re there!

3. Know where the petrol stations are.

The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank, that’s why it’s a good idea to map out the petrol stations along the way so that when your tank is on the emptier side, you know exactly at which station you can refuel at. A lot of people need to call for help when they have a gas shortage, so avoid the extra costs (and potential damage to your car by trying to drive on an empty tank) by knowing where the stations are. Often these stations will also have someone who can help with minor car problems, which may happen during your trip.

4. Check the weather.

The weather in Australia is temperamental and unpredictable. Even if you’re doing a summer road trip, you shouldn’t pack only expecting blue skies, as anything can happen. No matter the season, pack for all types of weather – rain, wind, and sunshine. Checking the weather beforehand should give you an indication as to what kinds of temperatures to expect, but pack an extra jacket and warm socks just to be safe. This is especially important if you’re going camping and will be exposed to the elements most of the time.

5. Carry enough food and water.

You don’t have to completely rely on roadside cafés for food, especially if you’re more health conscious, as most of these roadside outlets will serve fast food. On top of that, they’ll be more expensive than the cafés you find in cities. Try to carry some home-cooked food and snacks so you’re feeling good for the duration of your trip. If you’re going camping, try to get all your groceries at your local supermarket before heading out, as you probably won’t know where the closest supermarket to your campsite will be, or whether it’ll be affordable. Water is especially important to pack beforehand, especially if you’re going to a remote area. At many campgrounds, the water isn’t safe to drink, so be sure to bring enough for your whole trip.

6. Carry sanitary items.

You’re usually more likely to get sick or injured when you’re on a trip in an unfamiliar environment. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a bag of sanitary products handy, such as hand sanitiser, band aids and a first aid kit, antiseptic sprays and insect repellant. It’s easy to forget these things, and a lot of people just trust that they won’t fall ill while they’re away, but reality points to the opposite. Being prepared in case of illness or injury will help prevent a lot of discomfort down the track.

7. Have some entertainment ready.

If you have an old car, chances are, you may not have the newest entertainment systems. That’s totally fine – you can work around this by buying speakers and preparing a road trip playlist. You may even want to download audiobooks or podcasts to keep everyone in the car awake and entertained – especially the driver. Even if you’re in a group, people get tired of talking, so it’s good to have backup. If you’re going camping, think about bringing a card deck or small games for everyone to play once you get to your destination.

Is your car too old for travelling? Think about selling your old car for cash.


The Five Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Car to a Scrap Removal Service

So you’ve got an old car sitting in your garage that you no longer want, and you’ve called up a scrap car removalist to pick up your car, but what should you do before they arrive? Some people overlook the basic things they can do before parting with their car, which can save them a lot of hassle and possibly a lot of money in the long run. We’ve compiled a list of the things you should do before getting rid of your car, to save you a massive headache later down the track.

Gather your belongings

Lots of people accidentally leave things in their car when they sell them, and only later realise that they’ve lost something important or sentimental. A lot of people who have cars spend a lot of time during the week in them, and so tend to leave things in them like they would in a bedroom or home. After years of owning a car, your personal belongings may have piled up in the trunk, on the dashboard, and in the nooks and crannies of your car. Before selling your car, look through it thoroughly. Many people leave car-related documents in their car, and even valuables like money and jewellery. Lots of people keep a spare change of clothes and shoes in their boot, so check for these if you like to always be prepared.

Arrange Your Papers

Make sure you gather all the documents related to your car, such as registration and insurance, before sending it off to the junkyard. This is because it’s important to have proof that you actually owned it. Some dealers won’t take your car if you don’t have these documents, and keeping them on hand afterwards will act as a safeguard just in case something happens to your car. Some people even choose to keep these documents and file them so that later dowthe road they can refer back to their purchase and selling history.

Cancel Your Car Insurance

Save yourself a lot of money and cancel your car insurance in advance so that you don’t receive any unexpected fees in the mail. Check when your cover ends and try to line up your sale with the expiration of your insurance. Also ensure that you’ve sorted out your ownership transferal.

Sell Your Valuable Parts

The main reason you’re probably selling your car is because you want to get some more money out of it. Keeping this in mind, make sure you save the parts of your car that will get you more money when sold separately. Parts like alternators, entertainment systems, starter motors and other valuable parts should be checked to see if they’re still in working condition and can be sold. Also check your car’s battery and wheels. You can salvage your tires by replacing them with ruined ones.

Look Out For the Best Deals

Have a good look around the market to see which dealers will offer you the most money for your car. Different dealers will offer you different rates regardless of the condition of your car. Doing a thorough search of all the available options will ensure you get the most money you possibly can. Sometimes dealers will offer you a lower rate than you expect, so you should be prepared to negotiate in order to get your desired price.

At Viper Cash For Cars, we will give you a reasonable price for your old or wrecked car. We also offer free car removals so that selling your car is a stress-free affair. Call us on 0435 237 333 today.

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Sell Your Car for Cash the Quick and Easy Way

To your good fortune, scrap car removal companies in Sydney are there to help you out. Unlike, an end-user, they are ready to offer cash for any condition vehicle, even you can sell unregistered car with ease. 

Top Benefits of the Car Scraping Services

Is your car’s engine broken down or accumulating dust & space at your garage? Well, that’s a completely different scenario from a vehicle functioning efficiently. However, you want to sell it off as you got bored with it, and wish to upgrade your lifestyle. In this era of the Internet, you can sell your fine-working used car via a vehicle trading site.  But, the problem arises, if your vehicle is a junk, it’s often tough to find a buyer in that case.

1.Get Instant Cash

With car removal services the biggest benefit is that you can get cash for the vehicle immediately, you don’t have to wait for more than 24 hours. Once you make a call to a reliable car scrap company, their engineers will visit your place where the car is parked to offer an on-the-spot quote. If you like the offer, accept it, and receive money in your account. And, the best part, even if your vehicle is in the worst condition, they will have something to offer.

2. Free Up Space

The biggest problem a junk car creates is occupying unnecessary space at your property, which can be used for other productive purposes, like space for your new car. So, reach out to a reliable cash for Cars Company in your town to get rid of your junk vehicle.

3. Get Rid of the Eyesore

The old vehicle sitting at your open garage engulfed in dust and debris is getting all those dirty looks from your neighbors. It’s time to get it out of sight by calling an old car removal right away.

4. Multiple Payment Models

The car scrap companies offer numerous payment receive modes. These include the direct bank transfer, cash or cheque.

5. For the Good of the Environment

Besides all the above benefits for a car seller, you will be doing good for the environment you breathe-in by trusting a car scrap company to get rid of your old vehicle. Studies and reports published in the recent past suggest junk vehicles those end up in a landfill cause significant harm to the environment. So, do you want this to happen to your car when it can so easily be recycled while giving you good cash? Moreover, licensed car removal companies follow the best environment-friendly practices when dealing with old cars.

Viper Cash For Cars- A Name you Can Bet On

The Viper Cash For Cars is a top-ranked company ready to pay cash for car of any condition. All you have to do is contact the company and they will visit your place to make an offer by analyzing your vehicle’s condition. The will present you the most competitive offer in the entire Sydney region, as suggested by their previous customers review & ratings. 

In the end, why think or rethink, have an old junk contact an auto wrecker immediately.