What happens to your car after it is scrapped?

What happens to your car after it is scrapped?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your car after you’ve scrapped it? Or maybe you’re considering scrapping your vehicle but you want to take into account the environmental impact of your decision. The vehicle scrapping industry is huge – almost a million cars are scrapped worldwide every single day. That’s why it’s vital that all these vehicles are scrapped in a way that does minimal harm to the planet, and ensures that scrap parts can be reused safely and efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about how your car is disposed of, so you can have some peace of mind when calling a car scrapper.

Why are cars scrapped?

When we say that a car is being ‘scrapped’, we mean that the car will be dismantled by a car scrapper or car removal company for its metal. Cars are scrapped because they still have a lot of use in them, even after they’re deemed not roadworthy. A car’s primary use is to help people get from A to B, but we often hear a lot less about the next stage of a car’s life – using its scrap parts for new things! It’s a huge waste to let an old car sit in your backyard, so it’s important to ensure that your car can still be useful.

What happens to a car after it is scrapped?

When a car is scrapped, it goes through a vehicle depollution process in which all its hazardous parts and chemicals are safely disposed of, so that there’s no harm done to the environment or to human health and wellbeing. Things like oils, fuels, battery acid, coolants, anti-freeze, windscreen wash and refrigerants are removed in this process.

Tires, LPG (liquid petroleum gas) tanks and any airbags in the vehicle are also removed as these may explode while the car is being crushed. Batteries are also removed for recycling. Once glass, plastic and rubber is removed from the vehicle, the fun begins! The metal shell of the car is crushed flat or into a cube by a machine, and then the metal is sent to wherever it can be used. Sometimes this metal is then sent to a shredder or mill where the cubes are made to be even smaller – sometimes as small as your fist – for more economical transportation. Often the metal is then sold to large metal buying companies who either sell it off again to third parties or use it themselves.

Why should I scrap my car?

Car removal companies often offer very good prices for your old car. They can calculate the value of the parts of your car and then give you a reasonable sum to take it off your hands. Many of these car removal companies will come to your house to collect your car, so scrapping is a fuss free affair that’ll also help you earn a few extra dollars.

It’s also a good idea to think about the impact your old car has on the environment around it. When left out in your backyard for months and years, your car will likely emit toxic gases and chemicals that can harm the wildlife around it, as well as harm the health of the people living close to it. It’s best to get rid of any machinery as soon as you know that you can get no more use out of it, especially if it is old and rusty. An old or abandoned car is also just an eyesore, and sometimes it’s better to get rid of one to free up more space in your backyard or in front of your house.

Scrapping your car is also a responsible way to dispose of it, because it’s auto parts are being recycled. Car scrapping is part of the circular economy, in which products get reused over and over again so that nothing goes to waste.

Talk to someone from our friendly team for a free quote today. If you’re interested in scrapping your car, you can talk to one of our members at Viper Cash for Cars to learn more about how much you can get for your old car. Often, your unused car is worth a lot more than you think, so call 0402639249 for your free quote.

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