Scrap Car Laws – What Rules Do You Need to Follow When Scrapping Your Car?

It’s pointless looking for a great price to scrap your car if the company you’re scrapping it with isn’t following government legislation. Avoid the hassle of legal troubles and know the laws before you scrap your car. Laws in Australia vary from state to state, so it’s important to be aware of the things you should do when scrapping your car. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide on everything you need to know about scrap laws in New South Wales, so that you can scrap your car with a clear conscience.

A few pointers

You can’t drive a car considered ‘scrap’. If you are scrapping your car because it’s been written off, you can’t drive it on the road anymore. This means you need to find a scrap service provider to collect the car from you at a convenient time.

Ensure you have information about your vehicle’s registration. Car scrappers cannot trade vehicles without proof of registration under the law. The reason for this may be obvious – to help combat car theft. You’ll need identification as well to prove vehicle ownership, as you can only scrap a car that you have a right to dispose of.

Don’t leave your scrap car at home. Scrap vehicles can some of the time be hazardous of contain toxic matter. If left sitting for a long time, these can often leak and not only cause environmental damage, but also health problems. Whilst there aren’t laws surrounding leaving scrap vehicles at home, it’s a good rule to follow – it’s not just safer, it’s also best to get rid of something as soon as you know you will no longer be using it. Ensure that your scrap car is picked up by a registered business so that you know down the road your car will be disposed of and recycled safely.

Get proof of destruction. Once your car has been scrapped, ensure you get paperwork from the car scrapper to show that your vehicle has been disposed of and recycled appropriately.

Cancelling your registration

In all states, you must cancel your registration when you scrap your car, because you’re no longer the owner. The rules for cancelling your registration vary across different states.

In New South Wales, to cancel your registration, you need to go in person to a service centre and bring with you:

  • Your proof of identity
  • Your ‘Certificate of Registration’ for the vehicle
  • A completed and signed ‘Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration form’. If it’s registered in joint names then only the signature of the primary registered operator is needed.
  • The number plates if you still have them. It’s illegal to keep your number plates if you’ve cancelled the registration of your vehicle. If you really want them, you can enquire at a service or registry centre and you should be able to put them in reserve by paying annual reserve fees.
  • Payment for cancellation costs

When you cancel your registration, make sure to check if you can get a refund for any part of it that has been unused.

Can you get cash for scrap cars?

New laws banning cash payment for scrap metal were implemented last year in New South Wales (and Victoria) due to growing concerns about organised crime, car theft and the undocumented trade of scrap cars. Ensure that the car scrap provider you choose to scrap your car with doesn’t give cash in exchange for your car, as this may be an indicator for other ways in which that company is evading the law.

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