Should I scrap my car or get it repaired?

Has your car been acting up lately and isn’t as reliable as it used to be on the road? A common dilemma owners of old cars face is whether to get rid of their car by either scrapping it or selling it, or whether to take it to a mechanic to get it repaired. It’s understandable how difficult this decision can be, because it’s almost impossible to guess as to how much your repair bill will be, and whether you’ll need to continue paying ongoing costs as your car experiences more wear and tear.

As a general rule, the decision about whether or not to scrap your car should depend on three important variables; how old your car is, the condition of your car, and whether you feel safe driving it. Once you’ve considered everything, the decision is entirely yours – there are benefits to both repairing and scrapping your car. Read on to learn more about both options.

Scrapping your car

Scrapping your car nowadays is an easy, fuss-free affair, as there are plenty of car scrappers who will take all kinds of cars, no matter how old or in need of repair they are. If your car has extensive problems – such as engine, head gasket or electric problems – then your repair bill will be very high. Problems such as these mean that you should consider whether repairing your car is worth the cost, as your car will probably incur significant maintenance fees in the future as well.

Think about your car’s history. Have you had to perform regular maintenance on it? Has it been in accidents? Things like these will lower the trade-in value for your car or vehicle, meaning that scrapping your car is the best option for you. If you want to get rid of your car as quickly as possible, you could use some extra money as soon as possible, or your car is unsafe to drive, then scrapping is the way to go.

Fixing your car

Repairs are expensive, but so is getting a new car. However taking your car to the mechanic to get full repairs can still sometimes cost you more in the long run than biting the bullet and scrapping your car and buying a new one. You may want to consider opting for fixing rather than scrapping your car if you had an idea in mind for when you wanted to purchase a new car, however your old one broke down earlier than expected. This option also might be better to avoid hastily buying a new car without properly doing your research about which car is best for you. Some experts say that cars made after 2005 and do not have any major mechanical issues are worth repairing.

However it’s important to note, that despite how many repairs your car undergoes, it can’t be made to be like new. You should always be aware of the fact that your car could start experiencing problems again, at any time, and you should always be prepared for any problem should it arise, especially if your car starts breaking down while you’re driving. We understand that some people need a car to go about their everyday life, but just because you are driving your car doesn’t mean that you should – some cars are not roadworthy and need either very extensive repairs or a trip to the scrap yard.

I still don’t know what to do, what should I do next?

At the end of the day, the best way to decide whether to scrap or fix your car is to get a quote for both. Contact a car scrapper to see how much your car will fetch, and then go to your local mechanic to see how much upfront repairs will cost you. It’s completely up to you as to which option you choose to go with, but you’ll probably be surprised to see just how expensive fixing and maintaining an old car can be.

For a free quote, call our friendly team at Viper Cash for Cars on 0402 639 249 so you can discuss your car scrapping options. We can come pick your car up so that getting rid of your old car is a convenient option for you.

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